Process and Output of the System



The very first process of this system is user authentication and authorization. Authentication is basically done by using username and encrypted password which are entered by the users. Those entered values are checked with database values and determined whether the provided data are correct or incorrect.

According to the privileges of the user, they get different kind of web forms with different set of privileges. When the user has access to the system as an administrator, He will be presented all the four modules mentioned in the introduction of this dissertation. Further more once the administrator register a student for a particular semester the student will be able to select modules that belong to the semester whereas the student is notified that the payment has been received or to be made as soon as possible.

When the administrator updates students’ marks information, system processes to calculate the students’ semester GPA, Overall GPA and level completion status based on the subject credit acquired by the students.

As a normal user, the students can edit their profile and change their passwords. At the initial state of the system there is an administrator given temporary password for each user. This password is encrypted due to the security purposes. When the user gets this password and other information about his profile through his email address, then he can enter to the system and edit their profile, select modules within the stipulated period to select modules.


There are number of outputs generated from this system and it can be generated as per the information required by the management behind the screen of the administrator. The system is capable to produce how many students are offering a particular subject for the semester, how much of payment is received from the students, the statistics of marks obtained by students for the particular subject and many more.

From students’ side they can generate their level completion report, GPA information payment received information and not limited with these.

Taken as a whole, the system is capable of producing outputs that were expected in requirement gathering from CODL and students.


This chapter describes about the way the solution is approached in terms of users of the system, inputs and outputs, process and other features of the system. Basically this SAIMS-HND system is used by the administrator and as well as by students. After the authentication and the authorization of the user then some processes are created in the system which can be manipulated by the administrator or by students. This system provides some features which are useful for students to edit their profile in addition to the actual processes of the implemented system. Students input their modules to offer for a particular semester is one of the major inputs of the system that outdates manual module selection as a traditional way


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