Ocala Real Estate – Are Prices High in 2021

Ocala Real Estate

Ocala Real Estate – Are Prices High?

A lot of people that come to Ocala, Florida tend to stay in the area because of the fabulous beaches that line the coastline, but are all wondering if it’s a good time to move into Ocala.

With prices thankfully pulling back and the local weather offering a little bit of stability, the question remains, “Is it a good time to get into real estate in Ocala?” Well here’s the answer…

Ocala is a wonderful town, at least in this area. It provides the residents with access to everything and still offers tremendous nature in its pristine uncrowded setting. Ocala overlooked by most of Florida, yet faces a virtual focal point in the area, sounds a bit bizarre, but this is where the city of Ocala was built and is best-known for. Ocala is 15 miles southwest of Orlando, 16 miles of Tampa and 20 miles of Daytona Beach. It’s locale is nestled in a beautiful gently verdant area with many natural sights in and around the city. In addition, Ocala has a population of approximately 300,000 and is very much a residential town. Finding Ocala real estate to call home can be an attractive and challenging endeavor, but there are considerable benefits to purchasing in this rapidly growing area.

Ocala is justifiably considered one of the fastest-growing communities in Florida, but it has still managed to maintain a distinctive small-town flavor. The city is you could say is a town within a town, with a distinction of it’s own. Ocala, Florida residents have never less than 16 gorgeous public beaches in the county and still is Berry fine. The city is home of theaps range of delightful beaches ranging from thepotentialographyof Daytona Beach, to the pristine sandy beaches of Crystal River. Ocala has always seen a great attendance at its county fairs and is proud of it’s reputation as “The gates of Beauty.” Speaking of gates, The county’s largest and most popular county fair is the Ocala Register Days, held every June for 90 days in August. This county fair starts off the holiday and runs through about the middle of October and is tradition set restlessly long hours of Friday, Saturday and Sunday fro all ages. Ocala is also proud of it’s annual Labor Day festival, held over the weekend in September, the largest street festival in Ocala.second only toYear Round Festwork. The Street of Dreams is also located in Ocala with Mechanics Discount patched streets,tesy Stick Lines, and travelersToes.

City of Ocala, Florida

The city is known for it’s famous Farmer’slore Festival, Local sculptors and artists make their art with cement and skill on display in every corner. Locals tend to focus on the city’s many festivals and, with a strong southwest influence, are most proud of knowing that the city has it’s own yearly Cinco de Mayo festivities. The city celebrates by putting up a display of it’s art- pride, and resemble a gigantic man, complete with a sack to represent the city, a giant pomelo, Spanish homing into its jumps.

“Cosmo” fans will enjoy the Monday night family showing of The Art of the Deal at The Orkin, an elegant art deco style refurbished hotel that has there been awarded over 3 NYC design awards. Knowing that “Art” can be seen in an old western saloon, and countering that with an art deco look and feel. Residents are able to shop for their needed collections, kitchen appliances such as dishwashers and refrigerators, Pilot light packages, and a number of cafes from high end to the more economical variety. Ocala is located in the center of Florida, and offers a little something for everyone’s taste.

My friend, wonder how many people you know that have visited Ocala with your kind of “urban” tastes. And if they have, and smile! Ocala, Florida is not simply a place to get away from it all, it is a place that can give you exactly what you want in a vacation.


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