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Whether your company is looking for technology solutions for the office or a Global Technology Solutions, there are many choices for businesses to consider. You might find that the most effective solution for you is to work with a team of specialists. A specialized IT provider can help you with all of the different aspects of your business, such as software, networking, security, and more.

Continuum Global Solutions

Continuum Global Solutions, a business process outsourcing firm, has a world-class technology platform. The company leverages a number of technologies to offer end-to-end contact center solutions, including E-mail response, chat, and voice services. The company offers both inbound and outbound service offerings, as well as contract management and annual plans.

Continuum has recently acquired the customer care assets of Conduent Incorporated. As a result, Continuum’s Contact Center platform now boasts over 15,000 employees in fifteen countries. As a result, Continuum has been able to serve Fortune-500 corporate clients, as well as tier-one cable companies, worldwide.

In fact, Continuum is known for its superior customer care services, and the company’s leadership has made it a point to reward excellence in all aspects of the company. For example, a new program called Continuum ready@home allows the company to hire the best talent, regardless of geography. Continuum employs agents who are fully trained and have all the right tools to provide an enhanced client experience.

Continuum has also partnered with Buy It Installed, a national network of certified craftsmen. The companies will work together to create a unique support structure for Continuum clients. This includes the latest in technology to ensure data security and compliance.

Continuum’s leadership has been able to leverage its experience to create a global customer care solution. As a result, Continuum Global has long-standing partnerships with tier-one cable companies, as well as international retail and healthcare clients.

The Continuum ready@home agent is fully trained and uses the latest technology to provide a superior client experience. In fact, artificial intelligence can detect malicious activity in real time. The company has also recently developed an artificial empathy platform that allows e-commerce companies to engage consumers through a virtual sales assistant.

Continuum’s leadership uses several factors to determine the best candidate for a job. The company takes into account an individual’s performance during an interview, as well as relevant experience and qualifications. The company also considers where an individual is located, their financial status and the complexity of the position.

Finally, a good customer service representative must have excellent communication skills and be able to multi-task in a fast-paced environment. In addition, a representative should be knowledgeable about a variety of products and services provided by the company. If the representative has a good track record, he or she may be rewarded with a promotion to a managerial role.


Dedicated to providing end-to-end product lifecycle solutions, Celestica is committed to delivering a comprehensive portfolio of services and technology to customers. The company’s global team helps deliver informed and flexible solutions. The suite of services and solutions spans the entire product lifecycle, including engineering, manufacturing, supply chain, and after-market services.

Celestica’s manufacturing operations provide a variety of services, ranging from printed circuit assembly to value-add engineering. They also offer an array of in-house analytical laboratory services. The facility is located in Tucson, Arizona and includes a 3,000-square-foot Class 1000 cleanroom.

Celestica’s supply chain management program is designed to ensure safe working conditions and a dignified work environment. It is also in compliance with industry standards. These procedures include an energy efficiency program and a verified environmental statement of operation.

Another major advantage of Celestica’s supply chain management program includes a secure supply chain. This ensures timely delivery and the quality of products. It also facilitates reuse of mined and processed materials. This also reduces the amount of material entering landfills. The company is active in the aerospace, defense, consumer goods, and renewable energy industries.

Celestica’s product development program includes the ability to deliver rapid prototyping, new product introduction, and configure-to-order fulfillment. It is designed to increase the speed to market and decrease the time it takes to bring an innovation to market. The company also has a robust information technology platform that integrates artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to help transform businesses.

Celestica’s design and manufacturing operations focus on high-volume, high-complexity product lines. They produce a variety of electronic assemblies, including sub-assemblies, complete box-build solutions, and specialty equipment. They also offer a wide range of design and engineering services, and failure analysis laboratories.

Celestica is dedicated to ensuring the quality, service, and reliability of their products. They are also dedicated to building strong partnerships with their customers. They provide end-to-end product lifecycle solutions that help customers anticipate unexpected changes, ensure long-term product continuity, and provide the flexibility to meet their needs. These benefits are complemented by a comprehensive portfolio of solutions and services that are tailored to the unique requirements of their customers.


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Founded in 2013 in Harvard Square, Massachusetts, Kensho is a leading provider of next-generation artificial intelligence and machine learning technology solutions. The company serves the National Security community as well as leading banks and other Wall Street firms.

Kensho was founded by Dr. Daniel Nadler and Peter Kruskall. The company developed a platform to allow businesses to unlock valuable insights from their unstructured data. The platform combined user-friendly visual interfaces and secure cloud computing.

In early 2017, S&P Global led Kensho’s $50 million Series B round. This was part of S&P’s efforts to extend Kensho’s AI tools into its own product offerings. S&P Global is now leveraging Kensho’s technology and deep data sets to help its customers make better decisions.

As the industry moves to the cloud, demand for cloud-based analytics solutions is expected to increase. S&P Global plans to integrate Kensho’s solutions into its Snowflake Cloud Data Platform to enhance its offering. The company is also implementing artificial intelligence solutions to automate core workflows and enhance efficacy.

Kensho provides a set of machine learning and data visualization systems to deliver actionable insight from hard-to-get-to data. The company’s products include NERD (Next-Generation Real-Time Database), Link, Extract and Scribe. Using artificial intelligence and cutting-edge techniques, Kensho provides an innovative way for financial institutions to make fact-based decisions.

The company’s technology has been hailed as a “technology pioneer” by the World Economic Forum. It has won numerous awards since its founding. The team of experts at Kensho includes Google veterans and academics. They are eager to change and develop new ways of doing things. They also value individual perspectives and experiences. They strive to build an equitable culture.

In order to streamline operations, capital markets technology companies are developing software and services to streamline pre-trade and post-trade operations. These companies are also experimenting with hardware to support artificial intelligence workloads. Allied Market Research predicts the financial analytics market will reach $10 billion by 2023.

S&P Global is acquiring Kensho to strengthen its emerging technology capabilities and help its clients leverage the power of AI. The acquisition is subject to regulatory approval. The transaction is expected to close in late first quarter or early second quarter.

Global Technology Solutions

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Whether you are looking for IT support, cloud solutions, or application solutions, Global Technology Solutions can help you get the technology you need. GTS has offices in the United States, India, and UAE and combines the best of ICT experience and vertical market expertise to deliver Breakthrough Performance through intelligent use of Technologies. You can trust in our expert management team to help you find the right solution. We are committed to achieving our vision.

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Importance of Global Technology Solutions

Whether you are just starting out or an established business, Global Technology Solutions can be of great value. This is because it offers you access to the expertise of many different companies to help you manage your technology needs. Some of the services provided by these companies include: Service management, communication, low-voltage cabling, and professional development.

Service management

Using service management principles, ITSM helps organizations improve the customer experience, reduce costs, and increase their overall efficiency. ITSM also provides organizations with the flexibility to respond to changing needs and to limit risk.

The concept of service management has been around for decades. Various frameworks describe the best practices of this discipline. Those frameworks are the ITIL, CMMI, COBIT, ISO/IEC 20000, and the likes.

The benefits of a service-management solution include the ability to deliver consistent, quality services to customers. It can help organizations cut costs and ensure that they have the right staff in place. The key is to adopt an approach that will suit your business model.

A service management solution can be a simple set of tools or a comprehensive platform. In either case, a holistic approach will include applications, platforms, and other technologies.

The benefits of a service management strategy include the reduction of incident resolution time and mean time to recover. It also helps ensure that all services are delivered in compliance with policies and procedures.

Service management software helps organizations track requests, monitor operator actions and track assets. It also streamlines workflow modules and integrates platforms and applications quickly and easily.

One of the most important elements of an effective IT service management solution is a service catalog. A well-designed service catalog will make it easier for customers to access and take advantage of IT services. It is vital that every service has a high-level definition so that customers are aware of the limitations and costs of the service.

ITSM can be applied to a variety of business areas, including HR, sales, marketing, and facilities. It can also be used to implement an IT service desk.


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Having a good communication strategy for international business is essential. Miscommunications can cause misunderstandings and can have a negative impact on the quality of products and services delivered, payment terms and delivery schedules. With the advent of information and communication technology (ICT), organizations have expanded their reach and are able to interact more effectively with stakeholders and customers.

ICT covers a range of topics including computing, communications, and data management. It can also be used to improve the efficiency of a company’s processes. Some of the most important uses of ICT are for marketing and public relations.

One of the most useful features of ICT is the ability to communicate across multiple devices. Businesses are increasingly using software to support collaboration across different locations. This includes chat, video, and file-sharing features.

The ICT sector has also become a huge source of economic prosperity. According to the CompTIA Cyberstates report, the global information technology industry is expected to grow by 3.7% in 2020.

ICT is also a great way to reduce the environmental impact of economic growth. This includes reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. In fact, the United Nations is considering increasing access to ICT in developing countries.

It is also possible to use technology to create a sense of community in the workplace. In particular, ICT has been a boon for organizations that have a global presence. These organizations can leverage the power of social media to promote their brand.

In addition to improving communication, technology has also been used to teach people how to communicate with different audiences. This could be in the form of artificial intelligence, virtual assistants, or machine learning algorithms.

Low voltage cabling

Various industries have a demand for low voltage cables. They are used for several applications, including internet, telephones, radios, security cameras, and intercom systems. The market for low voltage cable has gained prominence over the last decade. In the coming years, the industry is expected to witness a significant growth.

The global low voltage cable market is segmented by material, voltage, overhead, and underground. Aluminum is the most common metal used for low voltage cable manufacturing. Copper wires are preferred because they exhibit better conductivity. However, they are more expensive.

Aside from electrical, low voltage cables are also used for video delivery services. These cables include fibre optic cable and coaxial cable.

These cables are employed for home theater applications and long-distance runs. They are used to connect devices, such as televisions and speakers.

In addition, these cables are used for security systems and backup lighting. The low voltage wiring can be customized to meet the specific needs of an organization. This allows low-voltage equipment to be installed across multiple facilities.

The market for low voltage cabling is expected to grow due to increasing usage of cables in different applications. The increasing population has increased the need for power.

Moreover, the rise in Internet connectivity is driving the low voltage cabling market. The increase in the number of laptops has boosted the demand for low voltage wiring.

Low voltage cabling is the final step in supplying electricity from the utility. It carries regulated voltage from transformers to end-use sectors.

These cables are used in various applications, such as security systems, radios, and music distribution. They are a vital part of business digitisation. A growing dependence on businesses has fueled the demand for low-voltage wiring.

Supporting professional development

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Educators who invest in their staff’s professional development can expect positive results in the classroom. These programs also help teachers develop leadership skills and increase their effectiveness in the classroom.

Professional development is essential for schools, especially as technology is changing and is becoming more prevalent in education. The best programs address emerging tools and resources. These include the National Science Teachers Association Institute, which offers courses in modern biology and chemical ecology, and PBS TeacherLine, which offer modules in mathematics and technology integration.

While the best professional development addresses resources in the classroom, it also should allow teachers to make deliberate instructional decisions. These programs can also offer opportunities for teachers to build skills in evaluating students and classroom management. The National Staff Development Council is an international network of educators, which provides high-quality professional development experiences.

Professional development with online interactions can provide professional learning opportunities to large numbers of teachers. However, it requires a significant amount of facilitated interaction and involves a higher cost of delivery. This type of program can also offer a variety of tools, such as online conferencing, electronic portfolios, and teacher mentoring.

One important benefit of professional development is that it promotes collaboration. It helps teachers and students to build new ideas. By promoting a social environment for change, it encourages metacognition and transfers of knowledge.

The best professional development supports a social learning community. It offers opportunities for portfolio assessment, expert-novice mentorship, and standards management. The Jason Project, for example, uses online sources to deepen teachers’ knowledge of science content.

A professional development course in Clark County, Nevada, helped teachers build common understanding of state social studies standards. It opened up opportunities for teachers to challenge their beliefs about the value of student learning. The success of the program was measured by the reproducibility of curriculum projects. Many teachers returned to the classroom as more knowledgeable teachers.


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