Comparison of the available System with the existing systems


This section compares the functions of proposed system with the functions of the existing systems reviewed best to find commercial systems (Anon, 2010) to show the proposed system’s compatibility and feature rich functions of the proposed system.

Payment Manager

Although SAIMS-HND does not accept online payment because of the nature of the environment where the system is to be used, the payment manager has set of sub functions to give both the administrator and students complete payment information. After registering a student, the administrator needs to register the student for the first semester with payment information whether the payment is made by students or it is pending. Further when the fees are paid by the students and received, it is updated by administrator and also it’s capable to uniquely display repeat exam fee based on a subject the student needs to repeat. Comparing with the reviewed systems there does not have student information system which has the above mentioned detailed payment information to provide the students.

Module Manager

This is another function of the proposed system which gives the students the freedom to choose their desired course modules they want to offer for a particular semester. This function drives out the burden of the management of manually collecting student’s module information by using the system’s rich query functions to identify who offer a particular module for a particular semester. This function hardly available in the existing systems and instead they just provide suggestions or restriction to choose predefined subjects for a particular semester.

Credit & GPA Manager

This is the most important and tough module among all the other functional modules. Normally this is the main function of any student information system. However with SAIMS-HND it is complex and complete based on the nature of the Programme offered by the BCAS. A student can repeat a subject more times in addition to the first attempt. So the system has to accommodate it and the database also should be designed accordingly. Thus this is another complex function which available in a simplified form on other systems which has less reliability than SAIMS-HND.

PDF Result Generator

PDF result generator is the final and astonishing feature of the implemented system. This can not be found anywhere in the student information system available so far. This gives both the administrator and students a way to print the performed query based on their privileges. Administrator can query and print all the queries made as a PDF document and this completely automates the students’ module selection query.

Comparison at a glance

As justified in the above sections of this chapter following results can be concluded

                Systems FeaturesProposed systemSchoolmasterSIS
Payment ManagerDynamicStaticStatic
Module ManagerDynamicSimpleSimple
Credit & GPA ManagerAuto GenerateAverageAverage
PDF Result GeneratorYesNoNo
Content Management SystemYesYesYes

Table 2.5: Comparison between the existing and proposed system


In this chapter, the available students’ information management systems, difference between SAIMS-HND and others similar projects are analyzed, while comparing the project with those projects. In addition, the added values are highlighted. It is also mentioned the key features of the system when comparing with others. There are some features which are similar with each system. But when comparing the system with others, this system has some unique characters which create a user friendly platform to the administrator and the students. Finally it describes the functions of the developed system and compares them with the existing systems.


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