Available Students’ Academic Information Management System at present



This chapter describes about the presently available students academic information management systems used by many recognized institutions in Sri Lanka as well as in overseas, difference between the proposed system and other works within the scope. Furthermore it mentions some distinguish features of the developed solution over presently available systems. While the developed system has similar features of existing systems, it has some unique functionalities and the developed solution provides both the administrator and end users (i.e. students) a very user friendly, secured environment to access the information. Finally, in this section unique features are compared with existing system.

Identified systems

A review and analysis were  conducted about the existing students academic information management systems that are used so far and two such systems have closely match with the developed system but those identified systems lack some unique features that our system consists (Anon, 2010). Those identified systems are explored in detail under the following sub sections.


Schoolmaster is marketed as a professional solution to any kind of academic institution that conducts courses to students (Anon, 2010). In most systems it mainly focuses on administrator perspective and lacks to provide the students the necessary information that will help the students to manage their academic activities effectively and efficiently. This system has nothing to do with the students being able to select their subject through the system and printing their transcript as they wish.

Student Information System (SIS)

“SIS is the university’s records & enrollment management system for students, faculty, & applicants. Students can enroll in classes, check their grades, request a transcript, update their personal information, and many more. Faculty member can view their class enrollment & report grades. Applicants can check their application status & self-report their grades “ (Anon, 2012).

From the description of the system itself it has some reasonable features. However it does not have any option to provide on time result generation or course fee information, repeat fee.

Some advantages of the Students Academic Information Management System for BTEC HND in CSD (SAIMS-HND)

  • The system is online based, user friendly and flexible
  • Customized within the scope
  • The system can be hosted securely on internet and therefore anyone having an internet connection can access the system
  • Students can add, drop and update modules
  • Administrator can query about the course fee, module selection information, list of repeat students based on subjects.


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