Approach to SAIMS – BIT



This chapter focuses about the way we approach to the solution in terms of users of the system, inputs and outputs, process and other features of the system. Basically this Students’ Academic Information Management System for Bachelor of Information Technology (SAIMS-HND) is used by the administrator of the SAIMS-HND and as well as by the students as end users. Administrator has the ability to configure this system by adding students and registering for semester and modules. Also this system provides facilities to students who act as a member of this SAIMS-HND system. This system uses username and password of users as inputs and those inputs are used to authenticate member to the SAIMS-HND and also those username and password are used to authorize the users (control the access level of the system). After the authentication and authorization of the user, some processes are appeared in the system which can be manipulated by the administrator or other users of the system. This system provides some features which are useful for other users such as edit their profile.

Users of the SAIMS-HND

In this SAIMS-HND, there are two types of users such as administrator and students who are the member of the SAIMS-HND. They have different kind of access levels to the system due to the authorization of this system. Administrator and students have equal role in this system however administrator has more access privileges than students. Administrator is not limited to single entity but the super administrator can add more administrators if needed. Students have considerably sufficient privileges to make use of the system. Students are expected to use the system for selecting modules for a particular semester, being informed about their examination result.

Input, Processes and Output of SAIMS-HND

This section describes about input, output and processes involved within the system. They are explained under the subsequent sub sections.


Administration of the SAIMS-HND is based on user authentication and the authorization. Username and password are used to determine the type of user whether the administrator or students. For the ease of maintainability both administrator data and student’s authentication data are kept in two different database tables. As such username and password are the initial input of the system.

Once the system recognizes that the authenticated user has the administrator privileges the system is open to him and allows many hierarchical tasks to perform. In this pattern the students are added by administrator and informed about the username and password through email or by contacting the student in person.

Administrator has set of data to input accordingly such as exam marks and grades of the students as per semester. This is the main input the administrator has to do time to time. In addition to that updating the payment received information is another timely responsibility of the administrator as this system is limited not to accept online payment methods.

From the students’ perspective once the students give the correct username and password the system grants access to their level of privileges with the understanding that students have logged in to the system. Once the students successfully logged in to the system, students have the opportunity to edit their personal information.

Further as students, their major input is selecting modules for a particular semester. Once the students select the modules the system acts accordingly. These are the main inputs from administrator and students.


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