Make Your Own Electricity – An easy guide in 2021

Make Your Own Electricity – Solar Panels

A few years ago, when asked about renewable resources, I was a bit skeptical. “What are you talking about?” I remember thinking to myself while living in the Midwest, a place where windy days seemed almost a year-round tradition. A wind storm was about 2 miles-long every autumn, and during the winter, around the globe was practically knows as “snow mother.” Making power out of the sun’s rays was essentially unheard of back then.

But times have changed, as the technology has become more price-efficient. In our homes, thanks to advances in wind and solar technologies, there are practical photovoltaic projects which generate a practical amount of electricity. And it is now possible to make your own electricity.

If you are a do-it-yourselfer and you don’t mind putting your head to the grind, there are do-it-yourself guides, materials you can get pretty much anywhere at the hardware outlets, and there are excellent guides on how to make your own electricity which are worthy of a book.

My favorite guide was written in TIME Magazine by ic contributer String walked. The illustrations and descriptions were enticing and the steps were simple. At the time, I was believer, “Just thinking you could have electricity making power on those roof shingles, and all it would take to put a light bulb in my garage, is pretty awesome.”

We’ve come a fair way since those days, but the basic project is still possible, and I have seen many people who take it to completely “off the grid” which is pockets of its own.

In one of the books I read, the author used a wind powered generator which is one of the most cost effective projects. He is a DIY kind of guy, so this was supposed to be a fun project with the best return on investment for money.

When I think about what I have read in these renewable energy ebooks especially the illustrations and measurements, sometimes I am almost surprised at the process.

Some of the kits are made to fit anyone’s garage, some are small enough for a workshop, and the other kits are commercial-size. Which one was chosen depends mostly on the referring material.

We are able to buy, at this time, a complete solar-powered kit which includes the photovoltaic solar panels, the charge controller which makes the magic happen (that part has a hefty price tag), and an inverter to change the Direct Current flowing into outlet grids, and send the electric current to AC homes.

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Solar Panel

An inverter is what converts the Direct Current to Alternating Current (AC) you can use anywhere in your house. Remember, there is a small investment to buy the kit, it won’t be so simple that you set up it and forget about it.

Now my quietlyeraicant Crystorama Home Energy is, I am proud to say, in the process of being integrated into the grid system. When I say that I’m not the R-Eaver or anything like that. I just got my knowledge, on the internet and built it myself.

The fact that I am pleased with myself is a testimonial for the guide and step-by-step instructions. The way I see it, a complete solar-powered home is a whole new possibility. Right now, I use my solar panels as an intermittent energy source and I must say it is a fun thing to try.

Having been solar-powered for years now, I can inform you of the common mistakes to avoid. For example: Don’t let your children or anybody on the house realize you are working with electrical power.

Because being able to make your own electricity and build your own solar panels is a kind of technology no hobbyist should not even try t. It is true that you can buy the parts and know how to put it together. But, if you have never done much with solar power systems before, it is doubtful that you will have much fun with it.

If you are thinking about powering a whole household using a solar system, you should start to determine where you will place your system. Here I’ll advise you to ask yourself some basic questions first:

First of all, solar panels are not too far from a power outlet. This, however, is sometimes not always correct. Some households are build near the grid, some are not. So you are required to have an alternative way to do that.

Perhaps the best way to get the job done is to hire an electrician to perform the electrical wiring to your house. They are professionals in their own rights, nevertheless, if you are determined to do it yourself, it is important to do the electrics yourself, as any mistakes can be very costly to fix up.