System Evaluation


In this chapter mainly describes about the achievement of objectives, testing methods of the developed system and experimental methods that we use to evaluate the system. When it is initialized this project, it had been identified set of objectives for creating the system efficiency. The system is for identify the amount of success in those objectives. So it has used some mechanism to evaluate each and every objectives of the system.


It is achieved the objective of constructing a secured login for all the users who use the system and provide customizable system which has an ability to change the structure of the system when there are any changes occur. It is achieved the objective of giving the privileges to the several types of users. When achieving the objective of creating a secured login for the users of the system it has used the Forms Authentication methods to sign in the user and sign out the user. By using this Forms Authentication method it can make the system more secure. When logging to the system for the first time System Administrator has the ability of defining the hierarchy on the system and this is more durable and reliable. Privileges must be set according to the need of the Administration. This controls the activities of users according to the rules and seniority of Administration. There are so many other features for System Administrative and for Students who use the system. System administrator gets the feature of adding new users to the System and removes users from the system. System Administrator has the power to assign Sub Administrative for the system. Users have got the features of view their profile and change their profile information. Every user has their own profile and they will be able to participate in the activities according to their privilege level.

It is tested the administration system for parallel logging (multiple users can log in to the system simultaneously). There was no conflict situation when tested the system with multiple users at a time. Internal messaging system is also supportive with many users’ operations at the same time. Also it is tested the login with many ways to avoid of happening unauthorized access to the system like command injection attacks. We validate the prompt of login to avoid that kind of accessing to the system. Since this is a web based system, application is accessed through the web browser at the client side. At the operational environment student can use any type of web browsers. So we tested the system with no. of web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. We tested the system to find out of occurring of exceptions while the application is executed. We identify the possibility of happening occurs and implemented solutions for reducing the exceptions. In addition to that load testing and server response time were tested in order to effectively use the system.


The main two participants were students and administrator who were simulated in the system in order to test the effectiveness of the system. Further it has tested with students and administrator using web browsers and mobile browsers. System is functioning as expected and it is not identified any errors.

From the feedback received from students and administrators system meet the expected requirements and system can be implemented at the office. Following table 7.3 illustrates the feedback received from students and CODL administrator

Feed back areaAdministratorStudents
User Interface and user friendlinessGoodIt’s easy to use and menus are ideally constructed
ValidationAll forms are validatedSystem is validated and secured from sql injection
RequirementsAll the requirements gathered from CODL are metIt is all inclusive
ModulesAll required modules are thereIf it’s implemented I can check my details in a single platform – Student 1
Overall FeedbackFirst of all have to tell you that you have done a good work – Mr. NizzadWow. Excellent Work man – Student 2

Figure – User feedback from the Implemented system



  • The software supports the needs and objectives.
  • The objectives of the software are documented.
  • The objectives match goals and mandated standards.
  • Activities and evaluations are matched to the objectives.
  • The software fills a need not addressed by the software currently in use.

Target Audience

  • The software matches the learner audience in age, reading, and skill level.
  • The rate of display of information is appropriate to the learner audience.


  • The software is cost efficient.
  • The necessary hardware is available.
  • Additional hardware can be obtained easily.
  • The software is easy to use. Directions are easily understood.
  • The user can navigate through the software easily.
  • The software is well supported.
  • The software includes all necessary guides or workbooks.
  • Technical support is provided by phone.

Evaluation Result in Graph

Evaluation Results

Figure – Graph about test Results