Components of the System

Module Manager

This is another module of SAIMS-HND which amazingly eliminates the managerial tasks of getting module registration information from students for a semester. Through this module students are given the ability to choose their preferred module that they wish to offer for a particular semester. Here the administrator will provide a period of time within that the students are allowed to select modules based on their semester registration. Students failing to select modules within the allocated time, the modules will be automatically disabled and students wouldn’t be able to select subjects. Once the students have selected the modules those details are registered with the corresponding data table which will be verified by administrator and students having gained co modules to do the subject will be registered in a permanent subject table by administrator and at the end of exam, the system will notify the students about the results.

From the administrator’s point of view, he will have an option to clear the module selection information after the necessary information is collected. Here the students are given a period to select the modules. Once this period has passed, the administrator can collect these information through queries and he can clear the module selection (separate table is assigned for this) information and the table is ready for the next semester to collect the module selection information from students. The below figure 5.3.2 illustrates the module manger and its interaction.


Credit and GPA Manager

This is the most important module among all the other modules from a student’s view. Once the student selects the modules to follow for a particular semester those details are entered to corresponding table of the database. Hence at the end of the exam the administrator will be prompted the option to add the marks for the modules offered by the student. This grade will decide the student’s GPA for the particular subject and in case of a student not obtained a pass grade he will be prompted to repeat the subject and the pertaining exam repeat exam fee will be added by administrator. The following figure 5.3.3 illustrates Credit and GPA manager and its interaction with the other modules.


PDF Result Generator

This is the final module of the proposed system and it is the most amazing module that the much needed querying options either by administrator or students.

This module has interaction with rest of the modules for the reason of querying. This module has all the identified necessary query options that enable to query the payment details in different angles. Likewise module offered information and Credit and GPA information and many more. The specialty of this module is its ability to generate the results in Portable Document Format files.

For instance after entering the students’ grade information, the admin can generate a pdf result sheet with a click so does to students with their level of privileges. The querying options don’t limited to the above mentioned few queries but it has much more to do. Beyond the tradition, this module interacts with the other modules pertaining data to generate the query result as a PDF file

The below figure 5.3.4 illustrates the interaction of PDF result generator module with other modules.



Under this chapter the design of the proposed SAIMS-HND is discussed. Individual responsibility of each module to the system and their interaction with the other modules and such interactions are illustrated using diagrams.

The ER-Diagram, Class Diagram, and Sequence Diagrams are given in a simplified manner for the ease of reading them although they’re more complex behind the screen. The next chapter is about the implementation that discusses the above-said modules in detail that how they’re implemented.