Aims and Objectives of the system

Aims and Objectives of the system

Aim:    The aim of this project is to develop a complete web based Students’ Academic Information Management System for automating the traditional handlings of students’ information for BTEC HND in Computing & Systems Development, Department of Computing, British College of Applied Studies using Open Source technologies such as PHP, MySQL.


  • Critical review of information being shared statically & manually
  • Critical study of identified technologies that can speed up the development
  • Design the algorithm, the components and functions
  • Highly optimized database development for the entire system
  • Exploring multimedia technologies for rich end user experience
  • Evaluation of the ability of the designed solution in presenting the information dynamically by simulating the system with passed students data.
  • Preparation of final documentation

Solution In Brief

The implemented solution addresses the administrative requirements gathered from BCAS. In addition to that from a student view point it provides the necessary information to students such as Results, Completion Status and more.


The main users of the system are administrator and students. In terms of resource access administrator has more privileges than students throughout the system.  Both users are given access after the verification with username and password.


Administrator has more works over the students in providing data to the system in order to process and output desired results. Administrator can do all types of CRUD (Create, Read, Update and Delete) operations in the system. Administrator will register the students and update the relevant information from time to time such as updating payment information, examination results.

On the other hand, students are required to select their module for a particular semester. Once they select the modules before the module selection period, that information will be kept in database and the administrator will verify whether the student is eligible to do register for the subject and after the verification administrator will register the module on behalf of the student in the permanent database table in which later the marks will be stored.


Outputs are the major concern of any software solution. Having understood the requirement by both BCAS management and students the system provides payment information, repeat students information and more.

Students can output their results, module selection information and payment information, GPAs and level completion status.

System Requirements

The developed solution does not require any special device, hardware or software. However since it’s a web based solution both administrator and students have to have internet access and a web browser. It’s identified that the system required Pentium IV machine, 512MB Ram with 1.8 GHz.


This chapter mainly focuses on the introduction, background and motivation, aim and objectives, solution in brief and the structure of the final report. From the introduction part it has tried to give a basic description about what is the developed Students’ academic information management system, description of the project, who are users and what are the inputs and output of the system. From the aim and objectives section it has mentioned the aim and objective that is achieved through the project.

While chapter 1 introduces the developed solution, the coming chapter reviews the works of others done so far within the area of student academic information management system. Next chapter will discuss about the technologies used to develop the solution. Chapter 04 detail out the approach to the solution and next chapter is about Analysis and Design of the solution. Coming chapters will discuss Implementation, Evaluation and Further works and Conclusion accordingly.