Introduction to Students Information Management System

The increasing demand for Information Technology graduates in Sri Lanka is becoming significant day to day (M.Ajith, 2007). Therefore in order to meet this requirement, University of Moratuwa and University of Colombo, two universities of Sri lanka offer external Degree programme in Information Technology outside the limited number of annual internal intake they make annually. In addition to that Numerous Private Education Institutes also provide HND and Degree Programmes of Foreign Universities in Sri Lanka. As such BCAS has its own records and recognized by PEARSON UK for its academic excellence locally and globally. Therefore, the number of students who wish to follow the number of students enrolling for HND in CSD programmes at BCAS is ever increasing.

Background and Motivation

In Sri Lanka, a very little percentage of students get admissions to enter state universities through A/L score on the basis of Z-Score while many students have got through the A/L Examination. As it affects many of the talented students from entering university, These kind of opportunities are highly sought by students and parents.

Students who have passed A/L Exam or possessing other recognized qualifications are eligible to follow the BTEC HND in CSD. With the increasing demand of Information Technology (IT) Professionals, IT Job Market has rich opportunities. Therefore, students’ interest has turned towards an IT Degree and even they desire that be it from BCAS.

Students of BTEC HND in CSD experiences much convenient learning experience. However, at the same time students have felt that the need of a sophisticated system to address the following concerns.

Some of the issues include,

  • Students wants to check the payment status in real time.
  • Students expect their result should only be viewed by them through passwords.
  • Students sometimes find it difficult to understand their progress

These student issues have motivated to develop a web based Students’ Academic Information Management System that will address the above identified issues and beyond that it will provide the students multimedia rich information which will give the students the feeling of BCAS staff is next to them.

In addition to user requirement gathered from the BCAS CSD Department, from a student point of view, it is clearly understood the structure of the programme, hence the solution is capable to address all the administrative and students requirements.

Technology adopted

Among the many available technologies, PHP and MySQL are selected to implement the proposed system. Based on the literature review and technical learning most of the web based academic information management systems are developed using the above said technologies (Anon, 1997) and it has some significant reasons. PHP and MySQL are open source under the General Public License (GPL) (Anon, 1997). Further it’s easy to use and MySQL is one the fastest light weight database engine with enough security for developing a system as mentioned and PHP and MySQL have enough resource available on the internet for advance exploration.


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