How to make money online from home

How to make money online from home – tips helped me make several thousands of dollars

Most of us would ever wonder how to make money online working from home. However, some of you may heard internet scams often and might have a mindset that there is no way to make money online. If so, you are not correct.

In this post I am going to share with you how to make money from home working online like I did and made thousands of dollars at the convenience of working from anywhere.

First things first

Though you can earn money online, this is not a get rich overnight model. In internet everyone can make money at some point except one. That’s someone who has no patience and who can’t be consistent on his effort. Building a business takes time. However, if you can assure 3 to 6 months of continuous effort online you can make money online. Therefore, keep in mind that it takes time but several years but have the courage to try at least 3 to 6 months consistently

How did I start making money online working from home?

I happened to come across where I could see people are posting project and bidding. One day I signed up and started doing bidding. I could remember one fine day I received a response from a guy who posted his project at

Though I bid on his project I really didn’t know about the job and the project budget is just $5. However, I managed to learn online and was able to deliver the project.

What is is just a market place where there are two category of people exist. One is employer, that’s people who post their projects to get things done. On the other hand, there are other category of people referred as freelancers they are those who want to work and get paid.

Do you think can I make money?

In my experience working at freelancer for the last 8 years over 500 projects, I can definitely say you can earn money online via

Here are the steps to get started

Step 01:

First do a self evaluation and identify yourself what you are good at and can provide it as a service via online. Having decided that just go to and sign up. It’s completely free though it has different level of memberships with more options which you can think about later once you start making handful of money.

Step 02:

Set up your profile as professional as possible. Think yourself from the point of employer. We want to offer our project to professionals so do others. Therefore, please fill up all the necessary details. It showcases your skills, portfolio of projects if you have done any similar projects under your skills set in the past. It’s one single point through which you can convince the employer that you are the right talent to do the job. Don’t include false information but provide what you are and what can you do in a professional way. If you are clueless how you can create such a profile, create the profile and comment your profile link at comment. So that I can check and tell you how you can improve further.

Step 03:

Explore the platform and read the freelancer blog to get familiarize with the platform so that you can be comfortable prior to bidding the projects.

Step 04:

Now find projects that are related to your skills and start bidding. This is where you are going to start making money. It has several category of jobs and you are more likely to find projects within your skills.

Step 05:

Work with your heart. is so big and has matured as a one stop place for working online and so does the competition because like you there are so many people sign up every day. Therefore, what matters in the sight of employers is the review that you receive by completing projects. Therefore, at the beginning don’t worry about the money. Try to bid as lower as possible and try to satisfy the employers and receive some quality reviews. Once you have positive reviews that is when you start winning bids and making

How to make money online working from home dashboardFew tricks to win projects

  • Bid projects which you are really confident that you can do. If you bid all the projects in tendency and even if you receive a project that you can’t handle sometimes you may end up receiving negative feedbacks from the employers and will affect your future bids.
  • Read the project description clearly as possible and write your bid accordingly. Don’t keep one bidding message and paste it to all the projects. This is an important point which many don’t follow.
  • Remember that getting few first reviews are the hardest part. Therefore, at the early stage focus on providing high quality service and getting some 5 out of 5 reviews and not the money. So, bid with lower amount.
  • If you are from Asian region, the chances for getting projects awarded are early morning. This is one of my favorite strategy to win projects at Because most of the employers are from developed countries whereas the freelancers are from Asian countries. The time differences is more or less 8 to 12 hours. Those who post the projects are looking to receive bids until they sign out hopefully when they leave from work probably by evening or night for them. That’s for Asian people is the early morning.
  • Don’t cheat but do it correctly. If you are doing projects locally, you can ask few people to post the project via and get paid via This way you will earn reviews in a legitimate way which will exponentially increase your chances of winning projects.

It worth trying. If you have any questions, comment below and I am happy to help and share my expertise with you all!